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Robbie Rox and the Monster Horn Band 2014Robbie Rox and the Monster Horn Band 2014
From Left to Right: Sil Simone, Simon Wallis, Turner King, Howard Laurie (sound man) Robbie Rox, Russ Boswell, Gord Myers, Chris Howells, Vito Rezza, & Rob Gusevs.

Rox & The Horn Band on the day of their performance at the Lula Lounge, on Friday, the 10th of October 2003. Click here to see the full-sized image.

Vito Rezza (drums), Lew Mele (bass guitar), Asher Horowitz (guitar), Rob Gusevs (keyboards), Robbie Rox (lead singer,composer,frontman), Perry White (tenor sax), Dave Dunlop (trumpet), Turner King (alto sax), Gord Myers (tombone)

Live at the Silver Dollar, 14th November 2000

From left to right:

Robbie Rox, Pat Killbride, Dave Dunlop, Gord Myers (standing up playing trombone) , John Johnson, Perry White

Photo Along Train Track: 1985

Standing Up:
Robbie Rox

Faces Along Track, left to right:
Gord Myers, Dave Dunlop, Geoff Young, Vito Rezza, Jeff Goodspeed, John Johnson, Bruce Gregg.

Photo in Band Room: 1984

Left to right:
Peter Gibson, Vito Rezza, Jeff Richies, Dave Dunlop, Shivon Duffy, Robbie Rox, Dave Trevis, Laurie Conroy, Dave Worth.

Three guys along front:
Jim McGrath, Bruce Gregg, John Johnson

Drums: Vito Rezza is a well known drummer throughout North America and has played with well know artists such as Gino Vanelli and Sass Jordan just to name a few. He is respected by the best drummers in the world.

Bass: Patt Killbride is one of the best bass players to come out of eastern Canada or anywhere in the world. Pat has played with Dutch Mason and other great artists. Pat also works in TorontoÕs busy theatre scene in productions such as The Lion King and Les Miserables.

Keyboards: Rob Gusevs is a well respected keyboard player whoÕs played years with Long John Baldry, Kevin Breit, and numerous other greats.

Guitar: Geoff Young is a very fine jazz/rock guitarist who has travelled the world with different artists.

Trombone: Gord Myres is one of the top trombone players in Canada and the US. He is busy in the Toronto theatre scene as well as jazz festivals.

Tenor Sax: Perry White is active in the jazz community and is also busy in the theatre scene.

Alto and Saprano Saxes: John Johnson is well known in Canada and plays often with The Boss Brass. John is busy with TV and radio commercials as well as theatre work in the Toronto area.

Trumpet: Dave Dunlop is one of the best players in North America and is active in the Toronto theatre scene. Dave played with the Moscow circus for years.

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