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Check out this vintage 1970's Robbie Rox logo.

Before assuming the pseudonym "Robbie Rox", Robbie performed under the name "Theodore", which is really his surname. This image comes from a 1973 poster,

From left to right: John Hobbs and Rob Theodore

This is from a poster promoting the very first Robbie Rox touring band. They toured from Thunder Bay, Ontario right through to Alberta in 1974. Click here to see the larger version. This deserves a closer look.

From left to right: John Theodore (keyboards), Ron Sullivan (drums) Robbie Rox (lead singer, composer), John Hobbs (guitar), Myna Denoff (singer), Jeff Farley (bass), the late Gordy Hobbs (lead guitar) (Gordy passed away in 1976 from Leukemia)

This version of the Robbie Rox band toured the east coast of Canada in the 1975. Click here to see the larger version.

From left to right: John Theodore (keyboards), John Hobbs (guitar), Robbie Rox (lead singer/composer), Mike Theodore (bass), the late Gordy Hobbs (lead guitar).

This is Robbie Rox and the Monster Horn Band circa 1977. Click Here to see the larger version.

Top left to right: Nick Olbrick (trumpet), Robbie Rox (lead vocals and composer), Misty Fedak (trumpet), Kathy Kunke (tenor sax), Wayne Robinson (guitar), John Theodore (keyboards) Bottom left to right: Michael Theodore (bass), Brian Carter (drums), Dave Worth (baritone sax).

This is the Robbie Rox and The Catso, Porco, Rozzo Band. This is the band that performed Raw and Do What I Do. This was a popular incarnation of the Rox band, because of the chemistry between the Theodore brothers, and their close friend John Hobbs.

From left to right: John Theodore (keyboards), Mike Theodore (bass), Robbie Rox (singer/composer), John Hobbs (drums).

This is a picture taken at the legendary El Mocambo nightclub, on the 16th of April 1983, not long after the Ghost Culture album was released. Rob was pretending to retire from the music business, and this show was billed as his "retirement" concert. Click here to see the larger version.

From left to right: Robbie Rox, Leo Nebedek (drums) and Bob Read (bass)

This belt buckle has been worn by Robbie since the 70's, and he still wears it onstage today. It can be seen on the liner notes of the album "Ghost Culture"

Here is a collection of boots worn by Robbie Rox in (from left to right) the 60's, 70's, 80's, and finally a pair bought in 2000.

This is Rob with his Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. He's used this guitar to compose all of his material for the last 32 years. This is where it all came from.