Construction Site
Do What I Do
Man Need Woman
Ghost Culture
Once The Head's Blown Off
The Big Screw
Radio Hits
The Monster Horn Band
The Rude Band


Vintage Video
Rox Conga Lessons



Greatest Hits - 2011

Disc One
1. Song For The Working Dog
2. I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy
3. Timothy Leary
4. Southern Football Coach
5. Small Things Make Me Happy
6. Let's All Twitch Together
7. No Ozone
8. Ghost Culture
9. Miles
10. Bidet For A Donkey
11. The Big Screw
12. Highway Patrol to Hell
13. Ruin Your Night
14. The Great Canadian Hang Up
15. Trauma
16. Doomed To A Catchy Tune
17. Man Need Woman
18. Beer Drinkin' Son Of A Whore

Disc Two
1. Ever Been To Sea Billy
2. Mexican Gigolo
3. Alien
4. You Never Did Love (The Dog In Me)
5. The Brunch Bunch
6. Jeep Creeps
7. Born And Raised (To Be A Prick)
8. The Land Of The Scared Starchos
9. Uptight Visitor
10. Dead Man Under The Car
11. Hate Those Days
12. Rhinoceros