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Robbie Rox & The Monster Horn Band

"Earl Owns The World"

Reviewed by Cyndi Ingle

Miss the musical insanity of Frank Zappa? If so, you are going to love Robbie Rox & The Monster Horn Band's latest disc, Earl Owns The World. Robbie's vocal style and innovative parodies, honed over 30 years of experience, are similar to the work of Sean Cullen, a comedian who was a member of Corky and the Juice Pigs. But all comparisons aside, Robbie is definitely a one of a kind performer, who enjoys using humour to cut through the bull that society throws at us every day.

Robbie and his magnificent band take on many subjects on World, including people who share too much information via their bumper stickers (on the aptly named ‘Bumper Sticker People') to aliens (on ‘And the Alien Twitched'), to using an old TV commercial as a catalyst (on ‘Ever Been to See Billy?'). Robbie's lyrics and vocals are incredibly quirky, but coupled with the amazing abilities of The Monster Horn Band: Vito Rezza (drums), Lew Mele (bass guitar), Michael Fonfara (keys), Jono Grant (guitar), Gord Myers (trombone), Perry White (tenor sax), John Johnson (alto sax, flute) and Dave Dunlop (trumpet) the end result is an unforgettable progressive jazz/rock experience.

Guts and honesty are lacking in the music biz, where most people find a formula to success and stick with it if they want to make a living. Props need be given to musicians such as Robbie, who remain true to their musical visions.